Social Responsibility

MAS Shipping is a socially committed company with its community which seeks to its contribute to the ongoing development.
As the foundation of its principle of social responsibility, it has taken the challenge of promoting local initiatives that integrate harmoniously the economic and social aspects, thus contributing their collaboration both educational institutions and sports teams.


The company supports sporting events, such as amateur football as the “Inter Empresarial”, which takes place in the city of San Nicolas, with the participation of teams from all over the agroexporter complex; among other activities similar feature.


The Company is certified by SGS Argentina S.A. under the International Standard ISO 9001, by which the sustainable commitment of training of its professional personnel was adopted, assigned to each section, in the performance of tasks entrusted by its clients, before Maritime Authorities competent in the matter.


The company has for years doing internships for students of regional schools such as Colegio San Carlos and Santa Rosa of the city of San Lorenzo, Institute of Technical Education Beppo Levi of Puerto General San Martin, with job prospects among other Foreign Trade functions.