Barges Station

Amarradero Sunflower - km 457/459 Río Paraná

From the flow of movements loads that the MERCOSUR in years 80 produced, our Company has seen the necessity to construction a Barge’s station in Islands, agreed with the Political, National Coastguard Rules, National Direction of Customs, National Direction of Migrations and implementing in addition, recently as of 2011 the new Resolution of the National Direction of Navigable Routes Nº 035/2011, thus is classified to BARGES STATION in Class A)) Those that carries out the transport of merchandise using terminal Argentines. and Class B)) Those barges that have origin and/or destiny, nonsubject to the National jurisdiction, that is to say, not only loads between Argentine ports but those that lower or raise by the Hidrovía Paraguay-Parana, between the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and/or Uruguay.

On the basis of this official legislation the BARGE' s STATION SUNFLOWERS AT km. 458 of Parana River has 6 buoys mooring to the east to be used Class A)) (1-2-3-4-5 y6) and 6 buoys of moorings to be used Class B)) (7-8-9-10-11 and 12), with a total capacity as Maxime of 120 barges. Also himself account with a permanent guard of 2 watchmen, to corresponding the effects to make the Check In and/or Check Out, tugs/barges for the control, network of fight against fires, fulfilling all the emanated requirements of the Naval.

Amarradero San Pedro – Km 286/290 Río Paraná

Tug / Barge’s Station located at San Pedro Port (Pcia. Buenos Aires) at Km. 290 of Paraná River with capacity of 120 barges, by 11 mooring bouys, a river deep max 10 meters . The barges procceding from MERCOSUR’s countries Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay by waterway down/ up Parana River, with cargoes of mineral, coils, grains, vegetables oils, fertilizers, cements, conteiners, etc, also has a control by watchmens to CHEK IN and CHECK OUT, upon arrival and/or sailing of each one of them.

Himself belongs to the Port of San Pedro; and it consists with the control of Argentine Coastguard, National Customs, National Migrations Office, all Authorities located at San Pedro Port , also available a full Terminal for suppliyng fresh water, bunkering, lubricants, spare parts, etc. as complementary services.

Barges Mooring site located in San Lorenzo Port, at Km 457 to 459, Carcarañá Island, right bank, which ensures a mooring reliable, safe and maneuverable enough to stem tugboats anchored the 365 days / year and also strategically located on the outskirts of the unloading terminal grains, oils, by-products, as well as oil terminals near the replenishment shipments for fuel and lubricants, Primary Customs Area, organic waste discharges according Res. No. 714/10 SENASA, event insurance for Official Inspections, Authorities, Surveys, Repair Workshops and / or Sub-Aquatic inspections by divers. Coastguard enabled Argentina and Secretary for Ports and Waterways, with room for docking of barge convoys, Office of control, with permanent staff, custody, 12 mooring buoys, specially built, light regulation, code IALA, and fluid communication with the trailers and the cons, support the surveillance of the area, had 12 buoys with their respective Mooring with capacity for 120 barges, approved by Coastguard and Waterways Authorities.

Amarradero Fighiera - Km 381/384 Río Paraná

MAS SHIPPING SERVICES S.R.L. has the "Fighiera berth station” on the right arm height of the Parana River (at 381 km / 384 km), Located at the entrance of the port of Rosario and Villa Constitucion.; It is also close to the Port of San Nicolas, which is a strategic place for convoys scale and / or to hold in case of congestion at the port of destination.
Up river of the Transfer Unit PARANA IRON (km 392), Terminal Toepfer Gral Lagos (km 396), Terminal Dreyfus Gral Lagos (km 397), CARGILL Terminals.. (Punta Alvear - 407 km and 408 km VGG) Terminal Puerto Rosario (TPR) (415 km); and downstream are the Port of Villa Constitucion (km 366), Puerto Acevedo 364 km (ACINDAR), Siderar (348 km) in San Nicolas and Terminal Puerto Bunge (330 km) in Puerto Ramallo.
The barge station includes a full of 8 moorings, where it is estimated some 120 Mississippi house type barges, being enabled by the National Directorate of Roads under Navigable Nª-Files S02: 0138671/2014, in addition to the regulations and requirements of the National Coast Guard. The barge stations have been built using chains with 2’’ stud constructed using 2" steel cables and naval buoys, for the moorings on each of the sites.