Port General Description

Terminal Zárate
Bunker Pto San Lorenzo

The city of Zarate is a very important business and many industries, among which can be named: the paper, chemical and brewing industries. It also has an auto industry located towards the northern boundary of the Metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.

They work in three-terminal complex and a spring provincial private: VITC Fuel Terminal, which specializes in transshipment of oil and derivatives; Zarate Port dedicated to general cargo, dry bulk, fertilizers and containers through a floating dock and Zarate first port Autoterminal Latin America dedicated especially to the movement of vehicles. In close proximity are Zarate Delta Dock complex and the berth of the nuclear Atucha.

Their access is through the main channel of the Rio Parana de Las Palmas with a width of 100 meters and a maximum draft of 70 feet.

It is linked to the National Routes No. 9 and 12 that connect with the north Mesopotamian provinces, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, through the Zárate-Brazo Largo Bridge and south on Pan American Highway to Capital Federal.

The city is served by two railroads NCA and Urquiza, which allow connection to Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.