Villa Constitucion Port

Description of Berths: The port of Villa Constitucion consists, from North to the
a) km 368 Servicios Portuarios Wharf (Unit 1).
b) km 366 Servicios Portuarios Grain elevator Terminal (Unit 2)
c) km 365,5 Coastal Wharf.
d) km 365 Puerto Acevedo, Acindar Commercial Wharf
e) Km 364 Puerto Acevedo, Acindar Mineral Wharf.

a) Servicios Portuarios Wharf (Terminal Unit I): This an adaptation of the old railway wharf to permit the loading of grain from 4 silos, total capacity 26.000 tons, situated at the rear of the wharf. Berthing 3 moorning dolphins of solid construction about 50 m apart with head and wooden pilings of the original wharf which is in a nbsp; condition to accept only very light weights. Depth alongside about 4,90 m (16 ft) at datum.
Loading is via tubes and portable conveyor belts set up on the quay with an average load rate of about 450 tons per hour. Panamax size vessels have loaded (in times of more depth). Due to the fact that the same owners have taken the Villa Constitucion Elevator Terminal on long term concession this berth is now only seldom used, remaining almost inactive since 1995.

b) Grain Elevator (Terminal Unit II): This Terminal has been taken in concession by Servicios Portuarios S.A for 25 years as from 1994. The pier itself is of reinforced concrete on pilings, offering two berths, one on each side. The pier lies in an East/West direction and is 165 m long, 12,6 m wide, being able to take Panamax size vessels on the outer berth and vessels of around 180 m on the inner berth. The loading gallery has 2 belts feeding 7 telescopic chutes, 4 to the outer berth and 3 to the inner berth. Only two chutes are able to work at time.
Total load rate is about 900 TPH or 450 TPH per ship if two vessels are working simultaneously Storage capacity at the elevator silos is 55.000 ton wit an additional adjacent underground storage of 170.000 ton. Facilities can receive about 200 trucks per day. Berthing and unearthing are in daylight hours only with assistance of one tug. Fresh water and electric power are available on the pier. Depth alongside about 6.40 m (21 ft) at datum. At this terminal, bunkers only by barge.

c) Wharf for river craft: Situated near entrance of the access channel and suitable for use by small craft. Depth alongside about 2/2.30 m (6/7 ft) at datum. The concrete wharf is 80 m in length and accessible for road transport.

d) Puerto Acevedo, Acindar Commercial Wharf: of reinforced concrete construction, 110m long, 20 m wide with outlying mooring points. There are two travelling cranes situated at the rear of the wharf which load the steel products, mostly wire coils, weight about 1, 4 ton each, 4 at time. Vessels of up to 180m berth, whit the logical inconvenience of having to shift up/down the quay if end hatches used. Load rate for wire coils is 2000/2500 ton per day. Depth alongside about 5, 50/5, 80 m (18/19 ft) at datum.

e) Puerto Acevedo, Acindar Mineral Wharf: Adjacent to the Acindar loading berth, it is 160 m long, 20 m wide, with outlying mooring dolphins. The wharf is fitted with an overhead travelling grab fitted-erane for discharging iron ore to storage areas via an extensive conveyor belt system. Themiron ore, the raw material for the Acindar plant, is discharged around the clock at an average rate of about 500 TPH. The erane`s height has lately been increased by 2,35 m to give the grab improved airdraft to better facilitate the discharge of Panamax size vessels. Depth alongside about 8,80 m (29ft). at datum. Vessels enter/sail any time, no tugs required. Fresh water available on quay.

Port authorities:

Port administration Ente Administración Puerto Villa Constitución
Coastal Berth, Tel. (54) (3400) 475012

PNA (Coastguard) 3rd section Port Zone, Tel (54)(3400)474407

Customs House Ing. Acevedo 110
Tel.(54) (3400) 474034-475177
Tlx 421173 ADCOS AR

Inmigration Dept. Stationed at Rosario

Health Dep. Stationed at Rosario

Roads: In way of km 364/367,5 left margin, sufficient space for 5 large vessels, good holding ground.

Channel depths: As per water way Hidrovia S.A dredging contract the main channel is to be maintained at not less than 10, 30 m (34 ft) with regard to the agreed reference level

Access channel depths: 8 m (26 ft) at datum, which must be specially considered by Masters in close relation to berth`s depths.

Berth assignment: As per request to Port Administration, subject to availability considered of cargo and related export documents or instructions given by Shippers. At ACINDAR`s berth: as per agreement with plant managers.

Local communications: Coastguard (PNA) VHF on channels 9, 12 and 16. Shipping agents presently all operate from San Nicolas.

Pilots: Port pilots stationed at Rosario, river pilots at Rosario or Buenos Aires. They may be chosen from any of the several private pilotage associations or companies now operating.

Access/tugs: Entrance to the Servicios Portuarios berth (Unit 1) and the Elevator Terminal (Unit 2) via the access channel using one tug for berthing/unberting. One tug of 1850 HP is stationed at this port. The Puerto Acevedo , Acindar and Mineral Wharfs are reached prior to arrival at the above mentioned access channel, no tugs required and berthing permitted at any time.