OIL Combustibles SA

This complex has 3 reinforced jetties numbered 1 to 3, from south to North , as follows: N1 inverted L shaped jetty, suitable for vessels of LOA 230m , bean 35 m, displacement 55.000 ton. N2 T shaped jetty suitable for coastal craft LOA 110 m, beam 14m. displacement 8.000 ton. N3 inverted L shaped jetty suitable for vessels LOA 250 m, beam 30 m, displacement 55.000 ton. Minimum depth alongside at all times reportedly:N1 jetty 15,20 m (50ft), N2 jetty 9,70 m (32 ft), N3 jetty 13,10(43ft).

Due to damages to one of the dolphins at Jetty N1 a tug is needed for vessels over 118 m LOA.

These berths are served by/ from 4 to 14 inches into pipelines to permit discharge of crude oil as well as petroleum by-products for the nearby refinery; discharge rate 1.500 tons/h for crude. As per our last information on July 15th, 2009 this company will changing owner a soon as possible to Messrs PDVSA (Venezuela).