COFCO AGRI S.A. is a subsidiary of Noble Noble Grain, Agriculture Division of the Noble Group.

Combining the extensive expertise on trade in primary products and significant financial strength of the group, Noble Argentina: Noble Argentina has invested heavily in the development of a significant management infrastructure, logistics and port management, in strategic locations of Argentina, in order to minimize the costs of transport by land, river and sea. All facilities have the latest equipment, which operate automated loading and unloading, sampling and testing, drying and packaging, weighing and storage. Since 2006 Argentina Noble has exclusive use of two ports located in Lima, from Zárate, Provincia de Buenos Aires, in Timbués, Province of Santa Fe.

COFCO AGRI S.A. has the exclusive use of the facilities of Delta cereal Dock, with a storage capacity for grain and products of up to 100,000 tons.

Opened in 1999, this private terminal of multipurpose cargo is located on the right bank of the Paraná River, about 100 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

Main Technical Features of the Port Noble Lima
• Storage Capacity (Soya Base): 100,000 ton.
• Ability to download daily 400 trucks.
• Load capacity to ship 1200 tons / h.
• Suitable for unloading barges.
• Cooling and drying plant.
• download process, storage and shipment certificate ISO 9001:2000 in December 2005.

In 2005, the Noble Group, through its local subsidiary, COFCO AGRI S.A., decided to build a port, considering the company plans to increase the export of grains.

The project began with the purchase of a plot of an area of 201 hectares and 1,800 meters of coastline on Coronda and Paraná rivers in the city of Timbues an area not considered suitable for the establishment of a port so far.

The port began operations in June 2006. COFCO AGRI S.A. provides an export volume of 2.5 million tons / year through the port complex. It is designed with long-term vision as a platform for future expansion of the Group's activities in Argentina are among those that provide a dock for unloading of fertilizers, operation of a barge and oil extraction plant.

Main Technical Features of the First Stage of Port Noble Timbues
• Storage Capacity (Soya Base): 250,000 tons.
• Ability to download daily: 1,000 trucks.
• Load capacity to ship 1,600 tons / h.
• A pier with three towers continuous boarding is complete with three davits. Suitable for discharge of barges.
• Cooling and drying plant.
• Control of Emissions: The port has the latest technology in vacuum systems for dust and safety, according to the highest international standards.

Silos have a capacity of 3,600 tons and the possibility of collecting in the field through bag silos to 30,000 tons at an initial stage.

Construction began in late 2007 with the objective of generating a key point of collection (or dry port) in the North of our country and we believe it is a very important link in the chain of storage for the transaction with a plan strategic origination.