Terminal El Transito


Berth built in 1968, acquired by Alfred C.TOEPFER S.A, who commended operations in 1969.

Berthing is on 6 dolphins. Depth alongside at datum about 10 m (34ft), datum air clearance 19 m.

Grain loading arrangements on the berth now consist of three tall latticed loading towers (two northern towers interconnected and fed by one conveyor belt) fitted with three teles copies chutes which are swung out on fixed horizontal arms over the vessel.

The original lower central loading position has been retained for loading vegetable oil only, with two oil pipelines laid onto berth giving delivery rate of about 700 TPH.

Terminal grain storage capacity 140.000 ton with reception from trucks only at about 1000 TPH.

Vegetable oil storage capacity 40.000 tons. Exports in 2001 amounted to 1.992.000 tons.

Terminal working time from Monday 06:00 up to Saturdays 14:00. Can operate during weekend with O/T payment. Grain storage capacity 528.000 (9x52.000 MT. 10x6000 MT, all interconnected). Reception rate 1500 TPH from trucks, 800 TPH from wagons, 600 TPH from barges. Parking arca for about 700 trucks. Fitted whith railway sidings capable of handling 135 loaded and 60 empty wagons and interconnected with national railway line. Distance 11 km to National Highway # 9.