Port General Description

The annual movement of goods is about 6 million tons.

The main products are marketed crude oil, iron ore and ultimately citrus shipments to Europe.Cabotage 1700 slogan entries per year and regularly more than 60 overseas vessels.

Access is through Garcia channel of 17,000 m. long and 1,110 m. wide with a maximum draft of 36 feet.

The berth is 116 meters of reinforced concrete with the possible extension of another 52, being labeled a coastal port and overseas.

The water is obtained from a Sanitation making the province.

In its biggest percentage is exported and imported products such as fruits, paper, vehicles, machinery and equipment, chemicals, cellulose pulp, wood, pipes, tubes, sheets, containers, has facilities with and without fiscal empowerment and has the equipment to operate all type of cargo tanks, squares, enclosed sheds, fiscal balance, rolling beaches, fridge and ventilated cold rooms (individually controlled to operate at the proper temperature for each product), which allows this port loading, unloading and transfer or storage of transit goods requiring cold chain for preservation.

It is noteworthy that the boom gave EUROAMÉRICA installing the port activity in this jurisdiction, as it not only increased the volume of products operated but extended the range of those given the advanced features of their premises, mounted on the farm of the former Bin Pedotti, inactive for the industrial and port activity for over ten years, creating new structures and improving existing ones, showing a great capacity for investment.

It has a network of roads and highways that link it quickly (without crossing large populated areas) with the industrial belt of Buenos Aires and the entire north, west and Argentine coast.

Is served directly by rail Nuevo Central Argentino SA Mesopotamian and close to General Urquiza SA (Station Zarate). Additionally, its location on the Paraná de las Palmas river makes a transfer station from the river to ship overseas for surgical general cargo, bulk or unserviceable and solid and liquid bulk cargo.

The berth was awarded in July 1996 by the Provincial Directorate of Port Activities of MOSP at Port Development Company SA (DEPS) that carried out major dredging works reaching operating draft of 30 feet. Through this port exported approximately 46% of overall shipments of citrus country.

They are also Dálmine Siderca Berth for unloading iron ore and pallets for the construction of pipes for the oil industry. The berth is 185 mts long and 18 meters wide with an estimated depth of 35 feet to zero. The discharge capacity is 800 tons an hour.

We Carboclor mention a site that has 32 feet of water and land with tanks for storing chemicals.

Military Factory Synthetic Toluene also has a concrete berth 20 m. and a normal depth of 20 feet.


Located at Km 97 to 52 nautical miles from Buenos Aires via Channel Mitre and 155 by Martin Garcia.