Alto Paraná

Private berth belonging to Resinfor Metanol S.A built in 1991/92 for export of Methanol and Urea formaldehyde resin. (UFC).

Berth consists of two reinforeed concrete dolphins 55 m apart, with central loading tower set slightly inland from dolphins and which connected to shore by metal viaduct. An outlying mooring tower upstream and morning tower upstream and moorning buoy downstream permit morning of vessels up to 240 m LOA, Ddwt 46.000 tn. Overall length between mornings 290 m. The loading tower has three different levels to be used convenient depending on vessel’s size and height of the river and has pipelines load on from storage tanks ashore. Tank capacity 8000 cbm methanol, 1700 cbm UFC Load rate methanol 170/250 TPH, UFC 160 TPH from 2x6” pipelines. Depth alongside at datum reportedly 10, 30 m (34 ft).

Terminal 6 S.A have made arrangements to use this berth for exporting vegetable oils from their new crushing plant.