Private Grain Terminal owned by Asociacion de Cooperativas Argentinas.

Inaugurated in 1985.Vessels berth on 4 dolphins,frontage 176 m with outlying head stern mooring bollards. Vessels of up to 273 m LOA have berthed. Supply from storage is via two inclined conveyor belts to the overhead loading which is supported on 4 latticed on 4 latticed towers stepped onto plate forms adjacent to the dolphins. Loading is via 4 multidirectional arms with chutes at their extremities which are swung out over the vessel, outreach 22 m, load rate grain, 1500 TPH, by products 1000 TPH. Depth alongside at datum about 12,20 m (40 ft) . Air clearance 16 m at datum with loading arm horizontal. Berth fitted with 2x12” pipelines for vegetables oil with reduction to 8”, load rate 850 TPH, Terminal storage capacity grain 340.000 ton, agri by-products 55.000 ton oil 36.000 ton. Grain reception ex trucks 1200 TPH , wagons 800 TPH, Parking for 350 trucks, railway siding for 90 wagons. Normal working hours M/F 06:00/1800. Sat 06:00/12:00.

Fertilizers are discharged by grab/ship’s crane at aprox 500 TPH basis three gangs.

Exports 2001 approximately 2, 76 millons tons. Bunkers by barge and truck subject to ACA’ s. Authorization.

ACA built downstream from the terminal for a new pier unloading ships mainly fertilizers and unloading / loading of barges from the waterway and / or removed from any national port in the north by example Diamante, Santa Fe, Vilelas Port, Brugo Port , Mana Port , etc.

The official authorization that you have is for berthing ocean vessels up to a max length of 200 meters on the east side (Water), and barges operations by west side . When there is not ocean vessels in operation, the barges can operate both in east and west.

The pier consists of 4 dolphin and mooring buoy to the south, on the same operating platform is the team that called Port link barge unloading, it is a continuous discharge system which is inserted into the barge, bringing the merchandise to through a wheel, which then carries through redlers and tapes to the terminal facilities, rated capacity 600 tons / hour. Pier 1 also has cranes and winch 8 for opening and closing lids or wineries / barges.

It is estimated that about 130.000 tons / year, which are estimated to reduce 4500 trucks in the area.